Let’s talk: Alex Schubert

Here at B RAD we have just came across what has become our favourite comic of the year. Alex Schubert is an illustrator from Kansas City and the inventor of Blobby boys and fashion cat. We dropped him e-mail to find out a bit more about him - B RAD
B RAD - So Alex, what is your favourite thing to draw?
AS - I like to draw bricks. 
B RAD - Where did the idea for your latest comic strip, “Fashion Cat,” come from?
AS - Fashion Cat is very vaguely based on Basquiat.
I’m really into nihilism. I draw this other comic strip, Blobby Boys, about these low-level criminals. This new character, Fashion Cat, is able to fuck things up on a way bigger scale, because he’s rich. He’s like a punk Scrooge McDuck. Right now, I’m interested in people like Basquiat and 80’s Sean Penn, who are super powerful, but still have this weird, self-destructive impulse.

B RAD - I saw that you’re making Blobby Boys toys. Have you made a toy from one of your characters before? 
AS - I made that toy last year with Joseph Harmon, Space Face, and Radical Fortress. I tried to make another toy earlier this year, but nobody wanted to do it again. It was really hard to make them and to ship them. Also, they all broke. I designed them with their arms raised up, but I didn’t realize that if they ever fall over for any reason, those arms snap off immediately.
B RAD - What advice would you give to some one who wanted to make and publish their own comic?
AS - Really, I would just say, “Put it on the internet.” It’s way easier, and it reaches way more people.

B RAD - Do you prefer making comic’s or cartoons?
AS - I like doing both. Right now, I’m really focused on animation. I like to learn to do new things, and there’s tons of crazy shit involved in making a cartoon.
B RAD - Can you tell us a short story? It can be about anything.
AS - One time this guy, Matt Martin, asked me several questions. 

Thanks Alex - YOUR RAD!

All images © Alex Schubert


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